What will you do if you quit your job today?

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing today. Today I want to talk about something that I witness last Wednesday. It was during a celebration of one student in our lab that just finished his dissertation defense and got his doctoral degree. We were having a conversation and then someone asked him what will you do if you were not in science?

What will you do if you decided that one day you are not going to do what you do anymore? 

I think it was a deep question. That put I guess everything in perspective for everyone that was in the table. Most of the people in the table where scientist all of them with their doctoral degree except me and the girlfriend of the lab member that we were celebrating which is an architect student. 

When she addresses that question to the member that we were celebrating. Everyone laugh and say that he was so young. He pretty much doesn’t know what he will do in the future and even less what we will do if we don’t do that. 

Then she addresses the question to the principal investigator, which he responded I will be a mechanic, I liked when I was fixing my mustang.

Then he redirects the question to her and she said, I will loved to be a fashion designer but I can’t open a store and get money with it. I wish I was more creative. I wish I can work more with my hands instead of thinking every time because it is tiring. 

Which all of us replay that now are alternative and now is easier to open an online store and sell her close and put a label in her brand. She replied maybe when I was younger because I am too old to do that now.

(I though no, you are not too old you are just in fear of failure and you don’t want to put an effort. This probably is the best time, you don’t have to be thinking in economic stability or anything just focus in doing what you want. My grandmother study only until 6 grade and she completed her middle and high school studies when she was in her mid 60’s. You are younger than her. Of course, you feel uncomfortable telling this to a person that have more authority to you and that might find it disrespectful. I will say it then to you all you are never too old to accomplish your dreams)

When she redirects the question to the architect and the celebrated member both said I don’t know what I will do, I like what I do and I don’t see myself doing anything else.

They didn’t ask me but I pretty much will have responded the same thing.

I was one time in this lapse of time that I feel disappointed with science. I worked in my uncle company and mention something to him and present it on the company meeting. It was mainly how their patent was working and what could be the different applications. That was when I was 18 years old and was my first research experience. He was intrigued because I was so young and he tough that it was impossible that a person so young will figure this out. For his surprise after consulting with experts he realized that it was true and put that as part of his patent and publish something which I was not even acknowledge. He asked me to join his team every summer and sometime during college, but I refused. That is very common in science but it hurts when it comes from your own family. 

That disappointment increase to see how I was treated by the principal investigators and lab members. I was also not passionate about the work I was doing, because I wanted to do more and he was convinced that I was not good enough to do any work even without giving me any opportunity. 

When I started my master in the same lab I decided to quit science and go full on art. Work in my portfolio and apply to an art degree. I did it and I start painting. However, I couldn’t apply not because I was not capable or scare, I finished my portfolio but I was so unhappy. It was like something inside of me was missing and I was sad most time. 

I realized that I can’t not live without science and my calling is in science and not in art. However, that doesn’t mean that I stop doing art or writing. I don’t do it as often but I keep doing it because is the way that I express myself and I need it in my life.

What I want to transmit with these two stories are that:

1- Don’t judge a book for his cover

2- Be open to new ideas

3-You are never too old to do what you want

4- Never stop doing your hobbies 

5-Be in a job that you like so much that you don’t see yourself doing anything else

With that all being say… 


Continue being inspired and inspiring others



Feature image from: pinterest.com


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