Tools to become more creative

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you are doing well. I want to first talk about this video that I watch that talk about some of the secrets of creativity and mention some topics that I write in a research piece during my evolution class. One of the things that mention is how people who are artist when have damage in the area of the brain that is believed to be responsible for creativity they still can do art and is because more part of the brain contributes to this factor. 

So, if creativity is in different parts of the brain, how can we stimulate all those areas of the brain to increase our creativity?



Try to come with 3 random numbers or words and then analyze after that how random they are. Do that at least one time during a day.

2-Use the dream to stimulate creativity

Read about what you want to solve before going to sleep and take notes what you dream and asked yourself, could to solve your problem? or what new idea arise from your dream?

3-Do random things or read random things

You can place yourself in a new situation and things that you never do. Be spontaneous don’t plan 3 months ahead your activity. That will not only stimulate your creativity but will allow you to increase plasticity in your brain and help you to adapt better to new situations. Another thing that you can do is read random things.

How I can read random things?

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 2.59.08 PM
Wikipedia is a source where you can read random thing just by click the random article

4-Put limitations in yourself

What I mean about this is that try to solve small problems with the least amount of materials available to you. There is an amazing saying in my town, limitation is the mother of innovation.

I think one of the most inspiring person to me about this part is Kelvin Doe that at his 15 years old he was able to create is own radio station to help his community. He did this with recycle materials at Sierra Leone, Africa.



With all that being say put this tool to practice and let’s stimulate our creativity.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


Some of the sources from this post are from a TED talk from Balder Onarheim-Associate Professor in creativity at the Technical University of Denmark
Picture taken from:


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