Painting the DNA

Hi Guys!

Hope you all are doing great. Today I want to talk about a neat activity that I participated at my university. In my previous universities, they use to bring puppies or give free massage to release student stress. However, my current school decided to do something quite different. They hired a professional art teacher to give us an idea how we can create a simple art piece that combine our creativity and science. He decided to teach us how we can paint the DNA in a single way. He was extremely funny and knowledgeable. The activity was therapeutically, for that moment we didn’t have to think about school and we were just focusing in painting. The best thing is that university provide us with the canvas, painting, brushes and dinner. So, you didn’t even have to think in running back to cook…awesome! Below is the result of my painting. Not the best of my paintings but make me feel good to be back at painting even that it was acrylic.


2017-04-14 19.28.38This made me think that although I still can’t not do exercise because of the surgery, I can start buying painting supplies and start doing oil painting again.

What new activity has inspired you?

What you have done to integrate creativity into what you do?

Continue be inspired and inspiring others


Feature image: Cosmic DNA universe spray paint art by Nate Bockus


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