Breathe and move on: Aromatherapy

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to talked about a thing that I have been doing and using to relax. I guess I have done two things, I went with people from my university to this place that is like a piano bar and you ask for the song that you want them to sing and we dance like crazy people but that helps me get all bad energy out at least for that time (that is why I need a techno fest pronto). That was pretty cool and they were really good singers too. 

However, this is not about that place this is more about one of the gifts that I got for my birthday. I got an Ellia diffuser and I love it.


This is super cool, you can change the music, you can change the color of the lighting and comes with 3 different oils and you can add the one that you need. So it is aromatherapy at the palm of your hand and indeed has help me relax. Maybe I am too relaxed now because I have a bunch of things that I must do and I am like…yeah I will get to it eventually. People at my building (that don’t know about the ball as I called it) have noticed changes in me and told me that I look more relax and different, that is nice. 

My came with an orange, one that is for immune system and one for focus. I have noticed and the reason that I mainly want to talk about this is that when I used the orange one it makes me draw. That surprise me because I haven’t draw much since I move here but putting that orange oil make me go back to drawing. So, I though, hey for those of you that have jobs mainly in art like writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, etc., I think this might help you get out from those stuck feelings. 

It doesn’t have to be a Ellia diffuser or an expensive diffuser you can buy the kebab or BBQ sticks at Walmart and put it on the mason jar (any jar) with water and add the oil. If you don’t have the oil or want to make oil yourself you can add baby oil in a separate jar and add the thing that you want like vanilla extract, almond extract, etc. You can also use baby oil and with a mortar grind what you want like lavender flowers, orange peel, etc. but when using the baby oil don’t add the water. Also, don’t used the homemade oil for your diffuser. But that is it add the sticks to the mix that you create with the baby oil and there you go aromatherapy. 

I hope this helps you relax and let me know if it’s working for you.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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