Problems Creative People Face

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. This week has been weird and bad despite my motivational post on Thursday. On Wednesday, my mother called me to tell me that my Grandmother lost her fight with Parkinson’s disease. The people in the lab that I am currently working are not precisely the nicest people in the world. Sometimes I feel that I am working with Hitler and the Omen. On Thursday, I went to the lab and they say: “hey how are you” and which I reply “not good” (as expected from a people who the day before was told that a family member die). He replies… “well if you are not filling good you should commit suicide”. A part of me wanted to be all Blessed the Child on him and say “yes after you”. But I just put my beats headphone the loudest as possible and completely ignore him. Now you see why motivation and headphones are important. When you are different, people will try their best to bring you down.  They don’t like different because they are already used to do things their way and taking you in consideration will mean that they must reinvent how they do their job.

I wish that it was only the lab that were acting that way but unfortunately they are not the only ones in my institution.

When I feel down like in that day I remember what I was once told:

“Also, please remember that in many situations where one is trying to be, or just are, different from the average standard or mainstream, we just have to try to be twice as good in terms of quality as the other students or colleagues.”

“Move beyond it as soon as we can – with creativity!”

Therefore, what I end doing that day get that motivation that I needed to continue moving forward. I written a post. I help a friend in creating her own blog page. I went out with people from my cohort and students from other years to listen to live music. And I remember the hunger to reach my goals and convert my dreams into reality.


Continue being inspired and inspiring others




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