Protect Your Dream!

Hi guys!

Hope you are doing well. Most of my blog post have been more motivational related. Nevertheless, I do think that this is important. People tend to create when they are happy and when there are no inhibitions in their minds, when they think that no matter what people say or think about them, they are just a different breed. Being different sometimes is not easy and for me it has come with many sacrifices and hard work. However, that is part of the process…am I right? I am currently starting a fellowship with Yale University and I have being feeling so inspired and I want to share my inspiration with you all. As I always finish my blog inspiration is something that need to be share. I am working towards creating an outreach program. I believe motivation and confidence are key. You have to believe in yourself and be confident. Sometimes you might not hear motivational words from the people who you are expecting it, but I tell you today you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to do. I really meant it and I want you to BELIEVE it.

During puberty we face period were we lose all or most of our confidence and that shouldn’t happen. Remember yourself how important you are. You really mean the world to someone. You really are that BEAUTIFUL, SMART and AWESOME. BELIEVE in yourself! Remember, yourself have brought you here don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.

I left this amazing motivational video for you guys.

See you all tomorrow!

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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