Even if they move your finish line, keep pushing: NEVER GIVE UP!

Hi guys!

Hope you all are doing well. We received free tickets from the university to go to the movies and get pump for the new semester.


I decided to watch Hidden Figures, hoping that it will inspired me to start this semester but it didn’t. I will not say much about the movie in case you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to be the person that spoils it for you. However,the movie wasn’t as good as I expected. I felt like they are saying this is what women like them face during a time where there was color segregation. The reality is as much can be inspiring for others, for me was really sad because even in these times I experience most of what was shown in the movie that they experience in the 60’s. I did some graduate studies in West Virginia and when I sit down everyone either leave or stand-up and move leaving space in between. I was scream by people saying that I should leave their country in a public office and no one stood up for me. I remember one time I was hold in the airport because according to them I was probably an illegal. I experienced and continue experiencing many more aggressions, studying and working in science as women and minority is definitely hard. 

That angers me because we need to create a living and working space in were men and women feel that they are being treating equal no matter their color, religion, sex preference or self-identification. You should feel happy to go to work every day and feel that no matter what you are doing you are making a contribution to our society. 


However, having said that I also think that this movie could be powerful because it shows to little girls that despite what the life trow at you, you got to stand up and keep fighting with your mind in the goal. It is really important to let kids know that they are capable of doing whatever they set their mind to it if they work hard. If they do work hard, they are capable of changing their starts. 

With that: keep motivating and encouraging our younger generations

For you: You are one day more closer of your goal keep that in mind. Never give up! 

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


Pictures from : bostonmagazine.com, thegrio.com, theoldbergentimes.com




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