First Semester of PhD Education: Myths

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about some expectations or some preconceived myth about PhD education. The following list mention some of them and it might apply to many graduate degrees.

1-For example people don’t have time to party or hang out. Let me tell you although I didn’t go out as much, my cohort group hang out quite a bit. I live in an apartment complex that makes get togethers every month with food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and some of them with live music so it was cool to hang out and meet new people from my building. I always see the medical students hanging out so if you are thinking in medical school, you will have time to go out with friends you just have to learn to manage the time wisely. 

2-Another myth is if you enter to an umbrella project you will choose the same field of your application when is time to choose for department. You can always change and it will depend in your rotations and the appointment that the professor that you are rotating with has, as well as the interaction that you will have with that department. In my case I stay with my same decision because I liked my department although the professor that I am working is not from the same department. He joined my department so that I can still choose classes within my department. Don’t think that if you change your initial decision it is a horrible thing, it just mean that you are knowing yourself a little bit more. 

3-You will work with the lab that you mention or think during your application. Although, that can happen and you fall in love with your initial lab, you can also notice things while in the university that could prevent you from joining. For example, that person is not accepting students anymore or there a lot of students rotating in that lab and you are competing with all of them and he/she will only choosing one. In addition, you might not like the environment of the lab or the interaction with the PI. The PI have funding left for a year and still it haven’t land another grant. Finally, the person might be in other institution and they no longer have the agreement with that institution. Did I choose any lab from my essay?? No, I didn’t even rotate with labs mention in my essay because of some of the reason mention previously.

4-You will spend a lot of money in books. Although this might varied per university I didn’t even bough a single book this semester. Although, I do have to buy only one for the next semester. During my master’s degree I think I only got 2 books, so that tells you a little. 

I will try to continue posting as least during the time I am in Puerto Rico. Then I will see how things go when I go back I will try to manage some time but I don’t promise much. 

Hope you are enjoying the time with your family may you received many blessing for this new year.

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