Update! Maximum Ride, and Other Things

Hi guys,

I know it have being a long time since my last post but I feel like I haven’t had enough time to breathe this semester. I arrived almost 3 days ago to my country for the break and I am still doing university work, that tells you a little bit about how my vacations are going. The most important for this semester is that I manage to pass all my classes…Yay!!!! Although it was stressful semester for the most part, I also did things to have fun like go to  a concert, shopping, watch movies with friends, painting with friends and get frozen yogurt with friends…yum!


By this point you should know a little about me and know that I was probably not just taking classes. And guess what? You were right! I am interested in making sciences accessible to everyone mainly kids. Many kids coming from disadvantage backgrounds don’t know that science is a possibility for them. And yes, undergraduate education is expensive, but for STEM there are a lot of opportunities and funding for students. It makes me feel so happy when I see that sparkle in a child eyes when I do an experiments with them. Kids are naturally curious and creative and I think we should help them continue been that way. Therefore, I worked this year as a volunteer in my university’s science exposition. I had the opportunity to do experiments with kids to increase both their interest and engagement in the STEM fields. 

I also went to a conference. The good thing about conferences is that science is a small world  and a conferences are more like a friends reunions. 


In addition, I applied to one award and two fellowships. However, even that I wasn’t able to breathe as much I think it was worth it. I ended up winning the award and winning one of the two fellowships that I applied to. That is pretty cool! I will be traveling quite bit this year. I am excited to go to Boston, that is going to be so cool especially since it will be my first time in that city and in the state of Massachusetts.  I will try to visit Harvard and other places around the area. Hopefully I can buy a camera since I don’t have one and provide you guys some cool content for the places that I will be traveling in the 2017 year. 


However, I am not going to lie. Although I did had some fun, there were times that I though in moving from school and even started the application for UPenn and John Hopkins. I think many of these thoughts arise because I didn’t feel the sense on belonging in that university and with all honesty I still don’t feel it. However, the award that I win will allow me received the degree from the institution but do all my research will be done outside my university and I believe that is going to be beneficial for me. 

What I am going to do for this break?? Finish university stuff. Enjoy the time with my family and friends. One of my closes friend had a baby and I am so excited to see it and have time with her and the baby before I go back to the university. Also,one of you suggested me to read Maximum Ride and I got The Angel Experiment so I will be reading that and give you guys a book review…. coming soon. 

With all being say: Hope you all enjoy the time with your family and/or friends during this Christmas and even if you don’t celebrated I wish you have a good day and have fun. 

PS-If you are in science or medicine, I will soon make a post about fellowship to help you identify opportunities that will allow you to get where you want to be either academia, industry, government, non-profit, you name it. If you are interested stay tuned.

Pictures taken from:bostonhostel.org, wileypsychologyupdates.ca,pinterest.com

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2 respuestas a “Update! Maximum Ride, and Other Things

  1. It’s really AWESOME that you got those awards and fellowships. I agree with you that it will be very beneficial to be able to do your research outside of your school, it will allow you to continue to grow your network and meet new people and have new opportunities. I hope this new year will be great!

    Me gusta


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