Foldit!: Getting Creative in Science

Hi Guys!

Hope you are all doing good. Today I wanted to talk about an assignment that I really enjoyed. You guys know I am all about creativity and this is a game design to learn about protein folding while also helping the scientific community to find the best protein conformation.

Fold  it 

Amino acid folds in so many ways and computer have being trying to found the best conformations but are having problems doing it so because they have low pattern recognition abilities. To help scientist found the many ways that these protein can fold they have created an interface between computer and people since we have better pattern recognition to help improving their techniques and getting more results.

Why is important to know more ways to fold a protein?

You can design better drug targets to help in cancer, neurodegenerative treatment, etc.

So think about it by playing you might be helping in the discovery of a new drug for cancer or Alzheimer diseases.


Continue being inspired and inspiring others







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