Get creative with your açai bowls

Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing well. I am not doing that well but I was thinking what would make me feel better… shopping didn’t work too much specially because I could only find one shirt that I like and 2 shoes. It is bad when you have being living with one luggage for the past 3 months… soon 4 and some of my clothes are braking on me because are like 3 years old or maybe more. My style is weird I will describe it as being a mix between preppy,boho and rebel chic. However the clothes that I have now is more the one that fits better after I got out of surgery so is difficult to combine anything. In December I will be able to go back home and bring some clothes and shoes with me…finally I will be me. 

I was thinking well there are a couple of month before December what will make me feel better without expending in clothes because I already have a lot they just happen to be in other country. And it pop why I am complaining that I can’t get sesame seeds if I can buy it on amazon so I did (by the way the Trader Joe’s tahini wasn’t bad, I just like to make my own and not add oil) but I also order açai. When I was not feeling it during this summer my mother always bough me an açai bowls or we went together.I love those things one of the things I miss about being in Puerto Rico is that you can get them in every corner they are so delicious. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 7.22.31 PM.png

What I like about them is that you can get creative and trow everything in there and is pretty much is going to taste good. Açai berries have a flavor of like blueberry with chocolate so if you like both you definitely should try it. 


If you found that you like them just buy the pure and make your own bowl is cheaper and it is better because you can add more toppings that they don’t offer. Where you can buy the pure? Some supermarkets have it I know you can find it in Puerto Rico. If not order it on Amazon and make your own you will save like 3-4 dollars for each bowl and the average pack brings 24 so do your math about 72$ dollars or more in savings…well it  depends where you get your bowls from, some can cost almost 10$ so then even more saving. 

This is what I usually trow in mine:


-coconut oil






If you have try it what you usually put on yours? 

-By the way guys I have continue cooking with tea. I suggest you to use the lemon and ginger tea is awesome specially for fish.

Ps. Sorry guys the last pizza was interesting, it was not that bad but the pesto was absorbed by the flour and I try to get a pretty picture but was almost impossible it look like a mess. Luckily it taste better than what it looks. I did find today a gluten-free pizza crust yay pizza!

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