Starting an Almost Gluten-Free Diet

Hi guys!

Hope you are doing well. I am starting to like my apartment. I like how my apartment try to create a community sense by doing creative activities. They often do brunch and painting nights. I think it is my definitely best fit ever.

I do wish that I have more places to eat nearby because going back to university is getting me hungry all the time. Let me know if you also have does craving for munchies???!

I have being trying to cook without gluten doctor’s recommendation for my condition. It has being awful at least I haven’t found good flour to make similar recipes but without gluten. I will soon will start looking for recipes because yesterday was a fail :(.

A lab-mate give me a ride to Trader Joe’s. I know some of you are a fan of the store. I do like Whole Foods better, I think they have more variability but I found so pretty cool things too so I know why some of you love it. Lets get back to munchies. I found broccoli florets snacks they are amazing!! I love broccoli if you hate it, I will suggest you try this because most people who I know don’t hate the flavor just the texture but this are crunchy broccoli florets. If I had kids I probably will trow some of them instead of  give them fries. I think it will be a very cool way to introduce them to vegetables in a way that they end up liking it. 

 I still have problems here finding sesame seeds. I think I will just go to the mediterranean supermarket soon, I am pretty sure I will find some there. I did find some tahini, hopefully is a good one I will try it and let you guys know. 

Today I feel optimistic and I will try to make a gluten-free pizza yay!!!!!!!!. Guys I love pizza, is my guilty pleasure. I bough two flour without gluten. Yesterday I try the second and it is amazing it taste slightly like corn bread so I tell you is going to be an interesting pizza. I bought yesterday a basil plant and pine nuts and I will make my own pesto and then trow some mozzarella and see how it ends.

I will take a picture and put it on for you guys and put them as the future image…well if it looks good.

Tell me what diets you have started and how have it work for you? Share some of your recipes or fail cooking stories.

Continue being inspiring and inspiring others




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