Perseverance is the key to success

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about people who inspired. Last week I hear about a professor on his late 40s that gave us an inspiration speech before starting our graduate journey. He was diagnosed with a type of cancer when he was in his late 14. Although, his condition was treatable the radiation that he received as a young age cause him many difficulty later on in life, like infertility. At the age of 15 he had to freeze his sperm just in case that in the future he decided to have kids. Doctors told his parents that he will likely become sterile post radiation treatment. Suffering from cancer at a young age shape his future and make him become interested in medicine.

He became interested in the effect of radiation in pediatric patients. He wanted to look in better ways to treat them so that they will not be affected later in life. The key about this is that he didn’t let his cancer diagnosis at a young life determine his future. He is a warrior, he completed some of his study in the most prestigious institute, NIH. He later went to John Hopkins School of Medicine to complete his residency. 

He discovered while in Baltimore that he is having some trouble walking up stairs. He decided to go to the cardiologist when he receive a news…he need to undergo open-hearth surgery because radiation as a child affect their arteries.

He continues to fight even that the odds again him were not favorable and even at recent time been discover with diabetes and skin cancers.

His disease didn’t determine his fate. He have goals in mind, help children that pass from similar situation that he pass, helps other to even reach adulthood and being amazing despite the odds.

He has won numerous awards through his career and work with the White House and the United Nations. And he continue to inspired kids that face similar pediatric cancers and perform research to help develop better therapies for the.

With that being say don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything or that you have a limitation. You are your only limitation, be your own inspiration.

As always:

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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