Mini golf and other stuff

Hi guys!

Hope you all are doing great. This week and last week have being such long weeks. I don’t know if I told you guys but when I moved from Baltimore to here the airline lost my bags, they found it later on and return it. However, is not ideal when you are moving to a new place and still don’t have a car and pretty much nothing in your place. Nevertheless, it is always cool to start decorating your new place. I have being starting to do a little about that, still have a lot left but I guess one step at the time.

I finally set my first graduate rotation, it was an interesting experience sort of like going to interview again. (If you guys want to learn, how rotations work and how you set them up let me know. I will happy respond you or even set a blog later on about this if you are interested.)


For the first time I experience golf, well…mini golf. They took all new students to a small event to socialize. I thing that was a pretty creative idea to help us bond. I meet a lot of people although I was extremely tired.


I think it is a good thing to do because networking is important at any level it was make you a better researcher/professional, especially in science it is not only important what you do but also the people who you can know. It was nice to meet with current students, some that were from universities nearby and other new students that are not from my cohort.

Let me tell you one thing, I think I am the worst person at golf. I will blame that it have to do with being my first time. I didn’t even knew how to position myself, it feels wrong to me since I am more use to playing tennis or softball. However, the most important thing is that I had fun and I meet new people.


What interesting/new things did you try this week? As always:


Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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