Frederick, Maryland a town with an artistic vibe

Hi all!

Hope you are doing well. I told you guys I will make a post of my favorite town in the US and this is it. Although I had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles, California and it is in the top if not the top artistic place to live, my impression was that it was not as safe plus seeing like the sky was not completely blue coming from Puerto Rico was shocking for me. I enjoyed soo many cool things while in LA like watching bumblebee walking in the streets and so many good hip-hop crews, etc. However, Frederick, Maryland is by far my favorite place in the US.

Frederick is a small town in a rural area with a lot of people from different parts of the world. In a normal day you will see a lot of people at the park playing sports, taking the kids to teach them fishing, people training dogs and you see a lot of ducks around in the big ponds.


During summer well you will have a lot of activities like summer series concert, where a lot of people go with all the family to listen to live music from all genre. They also have other activity during the summer with free snacks for everyone. Also, people always go to the pools and use the grill in the park to make their bbq.

One of the thing that I liked the most is that there is a street where the people at one house leave a drawing notebook in their door with crayons so people can write or draw their feelings or whatever they want.

 I also enjoyed that Downtown they put a free movie night for young adults where the river pass (picture below) and you can meet people. You can also visit some of the bars at night with usually have live music. They have really cool shops and restaurants like the one of the famous chef Bryan Voltaggio and his restaurant Volt.


Other of the cool activities that they have is that people dress like the civil war and give you a free tour around the city historic places and some people join them try to dress the time. There is other activity where you can go to a house that plays an important role in the history of the town and state which is also during summer time and they

recreate the whole battle.

Other cool thing you see around this town are these paintings which are so realistic and cool. Talking about art and painting in the little river walk they have activity for art improv and also activities where they put a person that will pose for you for 5 min or less and you have to draw them or whatever you want, it was soo relaxing and fun. It is free and they provide all the materials for you and it is also a good way to meet people.


For all these and more reason Frederick will always have an important place in my heart.

What is your favorite town or city in the US or you country? I will like to visit even if through google. As always:

Continue being inspired and inspiring others





2 respuestas a “Frederick, Maryland a town with an artistic vibe

  1. So far, I have really liked Portland, OR (though it is horrible to drive at, there is an awesome public transportation system). The only place I kind of liked in the Southeast side of the states was Greenville, SC. I found Greenville to be a cute small city with a lot of greenery and a very pretty park with a suspension bridge. Portland has a lot of food options (restaurants, pubs, food carts) and it is also very close to a lot of nature to escape to.

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