Summer Internship Experience

Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing great! Is nice to after all this time have access to a computer but no is not mine. I still have to get my own but I will have access to them in the university and which means back to regularly posting. I will do two post per week Monday and Friday. I miss it so much I hope I can post and additional post any now and then but everything have been kind of crazy and classes haven’t even started.

So as you all know I was in an internship for the last 2 months. I was in Baltimore working in John Hopkins School of Medicine. It was kind of scary for me a lot of different that what I experience living in Washington,D.C. I actually saw three times bunch of polices around people to get them arrested. So that makes me afraid to go explore more, sorry guys. However, that doesn’t mean that Baltimore don’t have cool things to explore and go to.

There is the Inner Harbor baltimore, contact, inner harbour

The Inner harbor have a lot of restaurants, shop and also activities that takes place over there.

The Aquarium

That is a nice place to visit as well especially if you are traveling with the family. There is also a believe it or not museum that you might be interesting in looking at if you are traveling with your little ones.

But let’s get to creativity….Music, Food and Arts

There is a lot of free concerts in the parks especially during summer time and they have all sort of festivals since they have like Ukrainian, Greek , Hispanic town, etc. It is a really diverse city in that sense.

For food  I try food from this two restaurants:


This was an Italian food place.You can buy ingredients from it and some of them are directly from Italy. There I tried probably my best pizza so far. It was an eggplant pizza.

Mare Nostrum

This was a Turkish restaurant. Yes, I had to visit a Turkish restaurant. Food was really good as well but not my favorite Turkish restaurant.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore art stuff museum and art activities as well.


Continue being inspire and inspiring others



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