Quick update

Hi guys,


I still have a month and 4 day of my internship. I like my internship so far, is  always rewarding to know that you are working to understand a disease and that insight my help develop future treatment to make the life better of an individual, especially when is the life of a child. I will write about things that I did in the city as well my promise post about my favorite place and creative things to do in these places. If you are interested in science and want to know about internship or post-bac opportunities please let me know I will be happy to help. Also I am planning to get a computer when I move to my actual apartment which will be in a little more than a month and I will write regularly. For now see you guys in a month because is difficult to post in this cellphone. However, if you want to know more information of things that I had post I will be happy to help. Enjoy the day!

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