Refreshing beverage recipe for hot days and ideas for new posts

Hi all!

It has being raining a lot in Puerto Rico which mean a lot of pots in the house. I loved when it rains and is like 3:00 am and you can hear the water flowing from the stream nearby and the birds waking up and starting to sing, it feels so peaceful.

Anyhow, I am excited that I will be visiting a new city soon and I can’t wait to explore it and find cool things that I can do and hopefully share some creative activities that the city might offer. I hope I feel better from the surgery to pack and start exploring because still hurting but at least I am not feeling like I am going to die.

I already found a Turkish restaurant that I will be hopefully visiting soon. I used to lived walking distance from one and I miss it sooo much.  I am of those kind of person that I might not remember when I was 2 years old but I remember like it was yesterday things related with food that I tried and liked it when I was a toddler.



I especially remember when I try the Hubba Bubba bubble tape of groovy grape flavor, which marked my life at 2 years old. I was visiting my aunt, that lived in the Dominican Republic , with my mom and brother. One day in the family room I tried this gum handed by my mom and it was like at that age all my taste buds came to life. It makes your mouth water when chew and had a similar flavor to a grape Fanta. I still like it now days but don’t loved it like back then and it is really difficult to find in stores.

Back to Turkish food I can’t erase from my mind the flavor of two things künefe and İskender kebap.



I loved it because it is the combination of sweet and salty made out of cheese and thin noodles covered in syrup and often pistachios to garnish. I though my second favorite food was Italian after I taste this I think Turkish and Puerto Rican are neck to neck.

İskender kebap


This is my favorite food item from the Turkish cuisine at least the ones that I tasted so far. As I mention before in previous post, I am from a small town and district with often different tradition and sometimes different food that the rest of the island. There a lot of people in my town that eat pigeons and guinea pigs and now more common iguanas, I personally haven’t taste them but I do eat a lot of river crabs, goat, lamb and rabbits, which are also not that common in the rest of the island. I loved waking up and had fresh goat milk and cheese and eating lamb and goat when I was growing up and guess what this is?? A lamb dish!!! I think that is why I loved it, brings so many memories of when I was a child.

Sorry that this turns into a food post, I guess I am kind of hungry but since it turns into a food post I am sharing with you a drink recipe that is very common in my town. Some people travel to know a little about other cultures trough food, today I open the doors to my culture. We drink something that is called Agualoja when it is rainy or you have sore throat but also for when we are doing a singing rosary to not hurt our throat.


You will need:

1 liter of water

2 1/2 inches of ginger

10 cloves specie

3 cinnamon sticks

at least 3 star anise (some people don’t used it but I had always tasted with it)

1 cup of molasses

6 spearmint

Mince the ginger at put it to boil with all the things except the mint and molasses for 30 min. Let it cold and add the molasses and shake it and served really cold with mint (treat the mint like it was a mojito). Hope you like this recipe and those of you that are from Puerto Rico que le aproveche and hope it brings you memories. If you don’t find molasses feel free to substitute for brown sugar, honey or agave and adjust sweetness level to your own taste.

I will be finishing the graduate series on Friday so you will no longer have emails about graduate school, promise. I feels as its plan we will be able to discuss any questions that you might have on the comment section. I will also be posting pictures of  places that I visited in the past and talking about my favorite town in the US, so stay tune if you want to read about it.

Tell me what is your favorite food? Do you also drink an especial beverage when it is rainy?

Continue being inspired and inspiring others



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2 respuestas a “Refreshing beverage recipe for hot days and ideas for new posts

  1. I totally remember that Hubba Bubba gum! I used to love it too xD I’d have to say my favorite foods are still all about that Puerto Rican cuisine. What I would do right now for some mofongo y carne frita, churrasco, pasteles, arroz con dulce, flan del bueno, arroz con gandules y hasta morcilla! Well, I guess I’m hungry right now too xD I’m curious about the drink recipe you gave us, it sounds like it will taste good and sweet!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hahahaha right it was soooo good! Yum, I haven’t eat mofongo in a while actually. But I learned how to make chicken in guava sauce and it is so freeking easy and taste so good. I will share maybe in another post one day.This drink comes from the city of Loja in Spain (agualoja=water of Loja), a city that is 5 hours from Morocco and that is why I think my town kind of have soo many middle eastern influences compare to maybe other towns in the island. The drink is really good at least for me and if you are into tea and like chai you will like this because it have similar taste profile. Some people here also add malagueta you know the leaves that they used to make the alcoholado but don’t do it, it taste weird with it. This is obvious but I forgot to mention that when it is cold to filter because you don’t want to be enjoying the drink and suddely you choke with a piece of cloves or ginger.

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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