Turkish Series

Hi everyone!

I want to share my thoughts on Turkish series. I like them more than Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican or American series which is what we are most used to here in Puerto Rico. The reason that I wanted to talk about these series is because they are soooo inspiring.

What I liked about Turkish series?

First of all, some aspect of the series remind me so much of Puerto Rican culture as well as they cover topic that we experience a lot in Puerto Rico and worldwide.

Also, they portray powerful women that work hard to move forward in life as well to help their family move forward independent of the problem that they might face in the path.

Some of them like the ones that I like are based on true story.

Moreover, they also value a lot the women and don’t portray them as sexual object.

Finally, they are in constant suspense if you like that kind of genre is the best for you.

I will miss a lot not watching Turkish series when I move to US. I will try to catch back at them online.

I will suggest you if you have time and haven’t watched them to give them a look you might end hooked up like I am. I also enjoyed some of their movies.

This two are the most well-known and I totally recommended: Both are based on a true story

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?


Is the story of a teenager that was going to marry her fiancé who was a fisherman. One of the days before his boyfriend left to the sea she went to say goodbye but was rape before she get to him. The story tells how this girl went to therapy and fight with all the odds against her to fulfill justice not only for her but also for other girls that suffer a similar situation .

Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki


This is a more complex story but the main problem is that a man cheated on his wife and left her for a foreign woman. After he left his wife the men become super possessive that don’t want her to re-marry to another man and make the life of his ex-wife as well as their kids a living hell. Also, all the kids have problems on their own from political persecution to love problem.

If you at least have watch and episode or a segment of this series let me know what your thoughts are.

Pictures from: es.fanpop.com, s1177.photobucket.com

Continue being inspired and inspiring others



2 respuestas a “Turkish Series

  1. Me estoy poniendo al dia con tu blog. Jiji. Fijate todavia nunca he visto Fatmagul. Pero si tu y otras personas me hablaron mucho de esa serie. Vi que estaban los episodios por Youtube (pero no recuerdo si eran en español?) I’m glad you found series you enjoy! Nunca las he intentado. No soy fan de las novelas latinoamericanas tradicionales pero quizas con estas me van mejor.

    Me gusta

    1. Me gustan por eso mismo no es como el hombre me dejo por otra mujer o la tipica cenicienta tienen mucha accion, suspenso y pues me gusta porque los personajes femeninos son de mujeres fuertes. Si Fatamagul esta en Youtube la otra no. A lo mejor te gusta.

      Me gusta


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