Things I wish I took when visiting the doctor

Hi guys!

I am so happy to be out of the hospital. First of all, I can eat!!! After I was almost 4 days in a row without food, doctors’ orders. Second, I am not dying out of boredom. Third, I am not in a hospital # less germs.

Although I haven’t done much since I was released this weekend from the hospital I received a very good news. I am finally published!!! And no I am not publishing a book but one of the project that I contributed is going to be published in a neurosciences related journal.

It is a happy day after all. I want to share some stuff that people in general can do to make the time at the hospital pass faster. I wish at least I took one of these with me if I knew I will ended up in a hospital.


1- Adult coloring book-This not only entertain but can reduce the stress of  being in the hospital (this doesn’t work for me, actually it give me more stress but I know that help my mother to relax while in the hospital)

2-A book -We all have that book that we want to read but we always say that there isn’t enough time, guess what now you have a lot of time

3-Puzzle books-It is good to train your brain while you get your brain thinking in other stuff

4-Bible or praying books-Some times you say you don’t have time for it. I think is important you take some time to do this in a daily basis and you have a lot of time in the hospital because you can barely sleep.

5-Phone charger– If you are Hispanic, people ask you what are you doing and if they find out you are in the hospital they even call your family in the states to say you are in the hospital and they will call you back to verify you are not dying

6-Snack-While I couldn’t eat at least my mother will not be hungry while waiting for me

7-Blanket– Hospitals are like freezers even with two jackets to keep me warm I still felt cold

8-Hand sanitizer– If you are like me when you are in hospital you feel like you can see the germs flowing around the air and use sanitizer every few minutes.

9-Water-I don’t drink water out of the faucet and that is the water that is available in hospitals unless you go to a soda machine.

Happy to be back posting!

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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2 respuestas a “Things I wish I took when visiting the doctor

  1. Completely agree. I went to the hospital in February. I wasn’t there as long as you were (only 5 or 6 hours) but it can be very stressful, and having the things you need can make it easier to pass the time. I would say make sure you have your primary care physician’s information, or your specialist (depending on the situation), your insurance card in the U.S. (obvious but just in case), cash for food and parking, and headphones to listen to music or relaxing sounds.

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