How to make relocating less stressful


Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well. I apologized if you were expecting a blog post, but I have being sick lately. I haven’t being able to do the DIY that I was expecting to do, I hope I can do it soon.

What I have being doing recently is trying to find housing for my internship and I can share some of the things that I did to found a place. That might help you if you are also trying to relocate for a short-term. As you know by now I am currently in Puerto Rico (and no I don’t have zika). Being in Puerto Rico and never visit the area that I will be doing my internship can get quite complicated especially since some of the people like to see and talk with the person face to face.

Tips to find a place

1-Talk with someone in your network. He or she can introduce you to someone who live in the area or know someone who live in the area which can tell you the safest place to rent

2-If you are renting for a short-time is better to look for sublet. Most apartment’s complex have a minimum lease from 4-12 months. You can take this but remember that if you don’t find a person that your complex agree to sublet to, you will be paying for the amount left. Also, you want to make sure that the apartment even have that option.

3-Call apartments in the area. Even thought they might not rent for the amount of days you are staying you want to know the average cost to establish a budget.

4- Search in Craigslist or similar sites. With doing this you have to be really careful especially if you aren’t capable of visiting the place. You want to know if the address match the pictures. You also have to be aware that they aren’t asking for silly things and very personal information. Accord to give the deposit and month the day that you arrived, if you aren’t able to do this at least tell them that you want to talk with them over Skype, face time or any type of video chatting. In that way you can certify that they have access to the places and they aren’t fulling around with you.

5-If you know the person that you will be working with send an email. They might help you with the apartment search making your life super less stressful and they might know someone who is actually renting, this can be much better.

6- Once you already found your place, look for thing to do. Searching for things to do or places to eat make you feel more confident and as well make you feel that you will enjoy this short period.

If you are renting for a longer period then I will advise you to book a room in a hotel and make a list of the top places that you want to visit. It is very important at least for me than when I enter an apartment or house I feel that sense that I can call the place home. If you are like me then you should visit personally each place instead of calling apartment or houses. Walk around the area to make sure you feel safe around and that there isn’t  something that you should be worried about.

If you are relocating best of luck and I hope you enjoy your new city.

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