Failures are life lessons

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well. Today, I wanted to talk about failure because in order to stimulate creativity you have to learn how to deal with it. Obviously, everyone want everything to go peaches and cream but the majority of the time the road is not as we imagine and there are so many challenges in our path. As Thomas Edison quote said: “I haven’t failed I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” And it is in those 10,000 times that you learn the right way to do something or to make something work.

I am in the science field and experience failure almost in a daily basis. Science is not a 9-5 kinda job. I remember that even as undergraduate I had to work late times and sometimes even go back at 3 am to see how the experiment were to realized that after all the hours they didn’t work out. That situation is pretty common in science maybe even more common than what you think.

My path and how I have overcome failure to get closer to my goal (get into a PhD program)

My family always encourage me to study and they were the only ones that thought I could do it. People that ask me:what are you doing? I say, soon to start my PhD. People think I had all easy for me. The true is I am from a very humble house, we still up to this date put pots to collect the water inside the house. When hurricanes came we had to move to my grandmother house because her house was more resistant to the weather. Even that I was child I remember my mother praying that the house will be where we left it. Worst part, rats running in the ceiling and later on dying due to venom that my dad trow to kill them. We had to put candles all over to keep the smell away.

My grades were good in school, I found something that I liked and I protect my dream with all my power. although the road was not as linear as my classmates from high school. The majority of us end in the same college but my grades started to decrease after I experience the lost of 3 very close family members and a close friend of mine. I found in research my way back and finding it was not even easy. In my college, the majority of people who were having research experience had more than 3.30 and my GPA  at 2.80 was not something that the professors wanted to look at, so I faced close doors for most of it. My principal investigator allow me to work in his group but not do any wet lab until my GPA increase which was last year. Then I apply to my master’s and I was not having much luck due to my flat 3.08 GPA and my GRE wasn’t great either.  I was admitted as a provisional student and finish up top of my class with 3.92 GPA and obtaining opportunities that I never imagined. 

What I have learned trough my failures?

During my master’s degree I  experience things that I never thought  possible, such as being the student representative in an international conference. When I first apply for a PhD program I was rejected from all school and only obtain one interview. I was the first person from my school to have an interview with Princeton University. I also was the first master’s student from my school to get a job interview with Harvard and it happens just days after graduation . Although, I didn’t end up in Princeton or Harvard, I learned that I can do anything that I wanted. When I was little it never pass to my mind that this girl from a small and humble house will once walk in Princeton University campus,but there I was. My master’s school was not a top one more like very lowers numbers and I had those opportunities, there is when its strike me. A failure wasn’t going to stop me, I was going to protect my dream. I applied again, got a job in a very good university and I end up being accepted to an even better  university. I will start my journey in a couple of months and I can’t be more excited.

Things you have to do

  1. Accept failure
  2. Analyzed the situation
  3. Protect your dream/goal
  4. Get up and try again

With that being said don’t let failure discourage you from accomplished your dreams. Don’t used failures as excuses to not accomplish what you want to do. Know that even if you fail you are learning and as I did you are also becoming stronger human beings. 


Continue being inspired and inspiring others 


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