Creative process

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about the creative process. We all are creative beings. However some people are more creative than others that doesn’t mean they have abilities that you don’t have, they just happen to put it in practice more than you do.

We all are creative but sometimes we need it to put in practice more

Some people think that being creative is something that it comes easy when usually creative is something that need risk. People have to take risk if they have an idea and want to develop that into something concrete. Most of the big industries such as Apple or Microsoft started in garages because creativity takes courage.

Creativity takes courage Henry Matisse

Henry Matisse if you are not that familiar with him, he was a great French painter known for his original drawing fluid. Some artist had made a lot of risk especially when they try a new method or style which now have being known for the art eras and those that have taken those kind of risk has become the most known artist of all time. 

Creativity need a secret space” Jonathan Tilley

Sometimes you started writing, studying, drawing, painting, etc. and you get to a point where you feel stuck  and but there is that especial place that allowed you feel free. It is in that place that you can develop your ideas.

As part of the creative process you have to come with idea and shape your thought. The majority of the time those ideas are there but people don’t really see the potential or other thought it as well but they are too afraid of taking risks.


When you have an idea don’t be afraid of taking risk and when doing so don’t think that you will fail because then you will. You have to work hard and do all the things that is on your control and power. If you do that even if you fail you will feel that you put all your effort into it. Failure is part of a learning experience. You have to get messy and embrace failure.


Creativity need to be shared to continue the cycle and inspire people to also become more creative and continue inspiring other people as well.





Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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