Who am I?

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk a little more about me since I have noticed I don’t write a lot of that. I was born 26 years ago in a small town in Puerto Rico with less than 50,000 people according to Wikipedia. I always have being interested in art but maybe two or three years ago I noticed that although I like art, I don’t love it and it became more evident this and last year.

Living in Puerto Rico

What I love about my country is that we are very welcoming and that is part of our tradition. My parents told me the value of hospitality and how important is at least for my family. When my parents were young they experience that when a visitor came to the house and they were eating and haven’t touch the meat, the meat was removed from their plates if there was not enough meat and give to the guest instead, same if there was not enough food the guest were first than the people in the house. For that reason mothers in the island always cook like there is a feast so everyone have food.

What is like to be Puerto Rican… well it is amazing. As toddlers they are talking to you how from three different race we became one country. We look and see that we all are Puerto Rican even if you are white blond with blue eyes or dark skin tone, you are not call in school or in any other place for the color of your skin. Something that was so shocking when I started living in the US, it was sooo different. I experience this division and that was something completely new to me. Although I am Puerto Rican coming from the three races when I was in college I was told the origin of my great-grandmother from my father side. It was really interesting, my great-grandmother was from India… what?! That is amazing I start thinking maybe that is why we use a lot spices like ginger, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, sesame, etc. Is like now all make sense because most of my friends from college don’t understand what I like to eat or don’t know what is it, even that we are in a small country. Puerto Rican food uses a lot of spices but we don’t eat spicy food.

Living in a small town in a small district

When you grow in a small town in a small district costumes are different from the rest of the island. If you are a girl like me you can’t walk alone in the street near your house even if you’re a women living in your parents’ house. You have to ask for permission even if you are older. You have to ask the blessing when you come or go out of the house. That being said you can go alone in the city part of the town in your car and walk there or in the mall. In the older time in small towns like mine some of the marriages were arrange but that change like in the 1950 or before. My grandmother wedding was arrange she was 18 when her parents and my grandfather started to talk about it. She married at 19 with a 50-year-old men. I am glad arrange marriage changed. Other thing that I remember is that male children don’t do anything in the house that was a women work. Obviously that had change with time, there are more women working and men helping. Usually men don’t allow their women to work as I mention now that had change especially how is economy but I experienced that as a child my father didn’t want my mother to work. She had some part-time any now and them but never a full-time job after we were born. If you want to date in your town the guy should come to the house and ask your parents if he can go out with you. This all is super different when you are in a city or college town where is more like the US.  Also, for marriage the men should come to the parents’ house to ask for the girl hand that is tradition. The most important for people in my town and district is education. You are seen more respectable if you are educated doesn’t matter in what degree but the most education the best you were looked. Therefore my parents always encourage me to study.

Funny thing of living in Puerto Rico is than whenever an Atalaya (I don’t know if this is the name in English) come to your house you hide like you saw someone rob your house. Or you pray a Hail Mary and they will run away like you are casting a spell on them is soo hilarious. They appear as I  write this …I had most called them jaja.


I did my bachelor’s degree in Puerto Rico. Last year I graduated from my master’s degree in a US university and in a month I will start an internship and in a couple of months I will start my PhD also in the US. I love studying not because that will make me more important in my town but because I just enjoy learning and finding new things. In the side I always did art in the form of drawing, painting or sculpting. I enjoy playing soccer, softball and martial arts. I also have being taking recently a workshop in how to take care of elderly people. I want one day to go in a mission and I don’t know if someone might need that kind of help and it is better to be prepared.

As a child, I always devour books now is not like I am not reading but more like I usually read science stuff although recently I have being reading the books I bought for my birthday one of them is the Mindy Kailing’s book “Why not me?” which I though: Why I decided to read non science literature?! this book was a complete waste of my time. I started to read the second one which is I am Malala from Malala Yousafzai and I like it so far, she is so inspiring to me.

What have you being reading and what are your hobbies??  I will like to know more from you all.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


Picture outsie from: photoshop-designs.com

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