Dealing with stress in a creative way

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing great. During these months I have being in a lot of stress and when I feel like that I always draw or paint. For me art is like therapy, is something that calms me down. I had being trying watercolor with not that much success, but who cares it made me happy. I also have done some oil painting recently. Also, I experimented with oil pastels, which I am starting to like them but I wish I had a bigger collection and not have to draw with  8 pastels. I am going to start practicing soon with normal pastels. I like normal pastels but I don’t used them as much.

I have a big watercolor paper and for that reason is that I have being practice watercolor. I wanted to paint something for my room. I also want to finish all the pieces that I started and used all my art notebooks except for my art journal that is too big to fill out, I haven’t done anything there. For those of you that are in art maybe you can fill it very quickly.


WP_20160503_17_37_34_Pro    WP_20160131_21_56_46_ProI did this owl because I was thinking to give it as a gift to a friend of mine. The other I already made the drawing in my art journal but I decided to make also a painting of it.

WP_20160503_17_27_27_Pro.jpgTop left: Indian ink and watercolor on mix-media paper.

Top Right: Watercolor in canvas (16in x 20in). I put book pages to cover the broken canvas to re-use it and paint on top.

Left: Watercolor in mixed media paper (11in x 14in). I was trying to learn the washed technique, it didn’t work but I still like it.

Oil pastels 

I did oil pastels for when it was Martin Luther king Jr. day.


WP_20160503_17_31_10_Pro.jpgI also had being doing some oil pastel to give to my father since he like farms animals a lot. All of these drawing are made in oil pastel paper with like 8 color oil pastel box.

I also did an abstract drawing with warm colors making rectangles.

WP_20160503_17_25_58_ProWP_20160503_17_26_09_Pro WP_20160503_17_25_24_Pro

All of them are made in paper that is designed for pastels. I really don’t remember the sized of the notebook and I don’t have the notebook anymore or a ruler but this post is basically to show how I deal with stress in a creative way.


I don’t like too much experimenting with acrylic painting, but any now and then I give it a try. I have taken drawing class but never painting classes, so what I have being doing is trying new things and play a little bit with color and see where I can go from there.

Up: Acrylic in canvas paper


I like to draw surrealistic drawings. This is just a pencil drawing in mix-media paper (11in x 14in).


I have noticed that I have being drawing and painting so many birds and I don’t know why because I actually don’t like them, but yes they are pretty. I sometimes do more realistic drawing but usually is not my style. 

Oil painting      

I love oil painting even though the smell is too strong. My favorite artists are Joan Miró, Wassily Kandinsky and Peter Paul Rubens.


Down: Oil painting on canvas. I still haven’t finish this one as you can see.  I like Wassily Kandinsky and I wanted to do a similar paintings but I add other elements to look more like me and not a replicated work.

  Right: Oil painting in cardboard. I did this painting as a gift to my church.

I want to know how you deal with stress. Do you also practice your hobby a lot during that time? If you also paint which medium you prefer the most? Suggestion to help me learn how to do washed with watercolor are welcome.

WP_20160430_22_14_12_Pro.jpgHope you enjoy the post. I am thinking in one of these days if I have more time do a DIY, they are good especially when you are a student or getting your first place.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others



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