Agriculture inspired people

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well. Today I wanted to talked about a corporation of a friend of mine. I want to used him as an example that even though economy has being hard in Puerto Rico there are always people who think in ways to move forward and improved.  First, I will give an introduction to the person.


His name is Amaury, I met him in my third year of undergraduate. He was well-known around campus and we are like 12,000 in the campus, a little small compare to some US campus but it was interesting that most of the people know him. The reason for that is Amaury uses a kilt and that is not very common in Puerto Rico. He also dress sometimes like he was in medieval era, the most fascinating is that he made all the clothing himself. Before entering in university he was in a school specialize in arts. Saying that he was interesting in very diverse fields like literature,art, biology, agriculture, history, etc., but he major in biology with a concentration in plant molecular biology. It was impressive talking to him and listen to all the things that he knows, he is like a walking discovery channel.

After he graduated from college he started working in the agriculture with his girlfriend. He began with diverse varieties of dragon fruit and doing some smithy work on the side. He was thinking in plating plantain but due to the weather he couldn’t start and at that time most people who had plantain field experienced big losses during that season.


He and his girlfriend find their way and started producing flowers for sale.They talked with local florists and produced flowers for them.


They noticed that  the flower that generates more income was sunflowers and they started experimenting with different varieties. The quality of their product was high and that made sales go up. They expand their plots for plantations and he communicate with more florists and even Wal-Mart Inc., where he sold the idea of a sunflower brand. Now the majority of his plantation is distributed by Wal-Mart Inc.

Their effort in the agriculture helps them transform from a small producer to a little bigger producer ,inspiring people and their work was pictured in online news, tv and also in press media. However, what inspired the people the most was that Puerto Rico was facing the biggest draught that never experience before even with water rationing and their sunflowers were growing beautifully, probably one of their best plantations.

Their land became well-known in the island he experience a mass of visitors that wanted to see first hand and pic their sunflowers. Since the majority of their plots are for Wal-Mart Inc distributions, they have some days were visitors can stop by and see the land and pic their flowers. You can visit the Finca de Rustica Facebook page (Rustic land) to see when you can pick yours or if you plan to visit the island see which days you can stop by.

The reality is, where there is power to improved and hard working people will see some of their ideas succeed. They didn’t sit and wait to get profit. Remember GYH of networking? First of all, he did a great job and produce a sunflower quality that let everyone talking about. Second, some of their ideas was not generating any profit and for people who have the land as their only source of income was not good, so they sit and analyzed their options as well as what was the best solution. Third, they did a hell of networking, they talked to florists, customers and then big corporation in order to be where they are now.


With all being say if you want to be an entrepreneur don’t be afraid of going places that you didn’t though before. Remember necessity is the mother of inventions. 

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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