GYH7: Networking and additional tips

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. Friday post is a little early. Today is about networking and I also want to include some tips that I forgot to mention in the others GYH post.

Types of networking

 Doing a good job

good work quotes

Doing a good job in your work or in an interview is the best way of networking. Do all assignments on time or earlier, show initiative, be a leader, show that you can do more task even if you aren’t required and train yourself in new skills that you know that will bring benefit to the company. Also, if your boss make hard comments on you prove them wrong and show them that you are capable of doing your job and more. I had one boss that recommend me to a job that I didn’t even applied and I was suddenly being consider for it. If you do well an interview and you can’t take the offer for reason that is not in your control, you might be considered for other jobs. That happen to me as well, I had an interview before one of my internships and an offer after it.  I couldn’t took the offer because I had to finish some work at my university. One day during my internship I received a call saying that the previous person that I interview with was impressed with me. They work next to each other and pass my information and that he was interested in interviewing me before making the job post. See, a good interview can open possibilities for you as well as to help you know more people and increase your network.

Random meetings


You work with people who you don’t know or talk to, invite one of them to a coffee. That person may know people that you don’t and help you increase your network. Also, sit with random people in your work during lunch same in school that help you increase your network and introduce you to the person that you want to know or know people that will make you go a step further.


I think this is one of the best place to network. I am an introverted person but I also know the value of networking.

Smile, people like to work with happy people. Practice your handshake, make sure is a strong a firm one. Prepare business cards and always have it with you during the conference people might ask for it or the other way around. Have your LinkedIn link on your business cards. Be nice to everybody. Anyone could be important in the conference and you don’t want to be picture as the rude and not interested person in the room. Don’t have the cellphone with you or if you have it put it on silence, this is about meeting people not talking with people who you already know.


What information you should include in the business cards?

 Contact information: Name, work address, work email, work phone, LinkedIn link



It is basically a social media for professionals. It is free and is practically your resume online. You will start by looking people who you know and that you just met during meetings or other activities. Then you will received suggestions and you will look if you know some of those suggestion and add them. Look on your connections and see if they have a second and third connection that you are interested in meeting and ask your first connection to introduce you to. It is important to have someone recommend you on  LinkedIn  because you are basically building a brand in this case is yourself so you want people to validate it.

Be careful as always there will be scammers

 You can control how people search for you on google, you will like to put it as visible if you are in marketing, sales, lawyer or if you are a doctor because you will like to obtain more clients but otherwise I will suggest you to put invisible search. Invisible search doesn’t mean that people will not search for you but it means you can search for them only trough LinkedIn and not google or other search engine. Don’t put your email or other more personal information because there is scammers everywhere. If people are interested in adding you, they can communicate with your through LinkedIn mail.

I wanted to cover some of the tips that I left out in previous post

1-When you are doing a resume leave out information that you don’t need. Your resume is one page so you need to sit down and look what experience might be more align to the job that you are applying and choose maybe 2 or 3 experience that are relevant and important.

2- If you have a lot of education but you need a job and you are applying to basically everything, read the job post, it will tell you what type of education they are looking for or is recommended. If you have the recommended one put it no doubt or email them to know what type of people they are looking for in terms of education if it doesn’t said it on the post. If you have more don’t put all the education because you will be overqualified and sometimes they might look you ass a treat since you probably will have more education that your immediate supervisor.

3- Cathay mention in the comments some things that are really important. Remember the STAR method? You will also use STAR for the question about weaknesses. You will mention a weakness that you are working on it and has seen a lot of improvement even if you have to work a little more towards it. 

4-Another Cathay’s comment that I cannot agree more is follow-up after interview. ALWAYS thanks them for the interview at the interview site before you leave the room and also send an email the same day to thank them for the opportunity.

5-If you are an undergraduate student I advise you to start making your business cards. You should always have a couple of business cards on you, you don’t know who you will meet.

6-Put your LinkedIn up to date with your resume.

7-Clean all the things that don’t look that good in your social media or put it as private mode. I think this is really obvious but some people don’t really do it. You are not applying for college where you have 20,000 applicants and people doesn’t really go into your social page. For jobs as well as graduate schools there are less number of applicants and they can easily look at the social page of potential candidates. I am not sure if this is a true story but my cousin told me that her boss was looking to hire a person but when they look into the Facebook page they found some pictures that were too revealing and they decided to extend the offer to another candidate.

I might forget some things but you can always ask or add.

Well this is the end of the GYH series I hope you like it and make good use of it.


Continue being inspired and inspiring others



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