GYH6: Negotiating salary

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Today is about negotiating!

 I had being working since I was 17 (in at least summer jobs) and now I am 26, I counted this time as a real job application because I applied to full-time jobs and was actually thinking to work for more than a year. As I mention in some of my previous GYH post, I am not an expert on this topic but every time since 9 years ago I applied for jobs and I always had received offers.

Salary questions before receiving a job offer

I think there are so many misconception about negotiating and some people think you can’t do that. Actually there are studies that showed that when it comes to negotiating there are more men over women that actually negotiate salary and benefits. You should never ask about salary or benefit in your interview because they might think your interest is only in the benefit that you will get with the job. However, in some interviews they might bring it up. I actually had an interview where they ask about my previous job salary as well as my expecting salary. In total counting interviews of last year and years before for jobs and internships of 21 interviews they were the only ones that had ask me about salary.

When the salary topic arise on interviews you should NEVER mention any salary even if they ask you about it. How do you response to this question then? You can say we can discuss salary once the offer is made. In the job application is other thing, you can mention it there but if they ask you about your previous job salary your initial thinking might go to go extra higher but that might come as you really are not taking it seriously. First of all, you have to know what the people at that company/institution can earn in that position because you can’t get over that, let’s be real.  

Second, some jobs salary are based on experience if you don’t have that much experience you still can put a little more like $1,000 to 3,000 more maybe but not a lot because you don’t have that much tool to negotiate. If you have more experience then you can put $3,000 to $7,000 or even more in the application of what you earn in your most recent jobs, that’s no problem.

Third, even if I advise you to not mention salary on the interview but you want to still mention it, how you solve this? And yes solve it, because the reason that you don’t want to mention it is because there are more people that are applying to the same job that you are and possibly with the similar experience than you. The interviewer might interview good candidates that don’t mention it and now he/she might think I can hire another person and ask for less and he/she probably will not negotiate and accept the offer. So you don’t want to mention salary until you receive a paper stating that you were selected from the applicants and your starting salary and the benefits are the following. You will answer: I will like to receive the following amount for my work, however I am open for negotiation.

What things to consider when you negotiate salary?

1-Cost of living

2-Maybe in your previous job you have less salary but more benefit. When you put it together you want the salary of your next job to be more or at least equal to your previous job salary and benefit combine.

3-What people in the area are earning in that position

4-You can negotiate but take this in mind not all bosses like to do it because they think that some people will not negotiate and they can hired another person for less. So I recommend negotiating when you are applying or being consider for a little higher position in company/industry/academic/government position not a position in a store at the mall unless you are applying to be a manager. I will not like to work for a person that is not open for negotiation but that is your decision and at least you tried.

5-Money is not the only thing that you can negotiate, you can negotiate relocation cost, health insurance, transportation cost, etc.

Negotiate after the offer

The offers are usually send by e-mail and once you have consider all the previous list send them an email saying that you have look at the salary of that position in the area and within the company/institution/etc. and you will like to receive the following ______ amount and that you are open negotiation and you like to set an in person meeting for it.

When the negotiation start maybe you are happy with the salary but need more benefit you can say I can accept this amount if you pay my relocation cost and any other benefit that you want.

What you ask will be based on what you find people earn around that location and your experience in that position.

People that I knew didn’t want me to negotiate my offer because they fear that the person will say no or drop the offer. However, I decide to do the above and I obtain a raise in salary plus all the benefits that you can get.

Hope this will help you and never fear to negotiate.

Outside picture from :blogging4jobs

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