GYH4:Dress for success (interview attire)

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I was waiting for this post. I think is really cool at least for me since sometimes I like to make drawing of outfits. Dressing for interview depends of the job that you are applying for. If you are applying for a job in the mall you should dress with similar clothes than the store you want to work with which can be from casual to business. If you are applying for a job in marketing, finance or something related your outfit will be business or business casual, similar if you are applying for job in the science field. However, if you are applying for a professorship or  you applying for a high position you should dress business formal. Below I put some example for both gals and guys.

Rule#1 always use toe close shoes (I know that some of this pictures have open toe, you can use that option when you are already working there and not for an interview this might distract the interviewer)

Rule#2 If you are a girl when using a skirt choose one that is at the length of the knee, one inch on top of the knee or longer.


a95ec8d9cd66db2f832019560af60bde3e095f361f3c43910747233811b7173f   a3ddce8eed1df22f19b1b540726d45e8.jpgDress-Coding-Casual-Work-Attire-Clothes-Casual-Outift-For-•-Teens-•-Movies-•-Girls-•-Women-•.-Summer-•-Fall-•-Spring-•-Winter-•-Outfit-Ideas-•-Dates-•-Parties-Polyvore-Catalina-Christiano

       Guys                                                                       Gals      

Basically for casual you can use a jeans of any color or black leggins. If you want to look more dressy add a blazer or jacket, if you are a guy, of a different color of your jeans and use a blouse or shirt underneath (you can use more vibrant color or statement pieces).

Business Casual

business-attire-for-young-women-interview-business-casual-for-young-women-interview10c67633de4e8070f3c4a3e935557af25c503e0105c2025c0f5737ffb38b723fbusiness casual




For business casual is a more preppy lock. You can use kaki pants or dress pants with a button shirt or dressy shirt with cardigan. If you are a girl, you can also make bold moves using a little vibrant jewelry only if you are dressing in a monotone style or you can also use shoes from different color, that will give a little personality and you still would look professional.


256 113eab3be6177503871cd086f6a19407bbf5401aa23adc24e234a94ea2023d3e




For business both girls and guys can use suit that are not dark blue, black or dark gray. Another option that can also be use are kakis, dress pants or skirt (if you are a gal) with blazer or jacket of another color. Girls can also use a long sleeve dress that is monotone preferable dark colors or pencil skirt with long sleeves blouse.

Business formal

                                   images metrostyle-tweed




For business formal use always a suit of darker colors. Guys should always wear a button shirt with a tie or bow tie. Girls can also wear a dress with a blazer.

Hope you are liking the GYH series.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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One response to “GYH4:Dress for success (interview attire)

  1. When I worked at the Dan Marino Foundation the students there took a class in professional etiquette and I learned a lot about this subject alongside them. There has been a lot of research done about colors and first impressions. From what I remember the color blue is a great one to wear because it makes you approachable and trustworthy were tones of red should be avoided because they can come off as aggressive or manipulative. There’s a lot of information online for those that interested in that.

    In the book I read, #Girlboss (the author is a Fashion CEO) the author says that during interviews she likes to see business with a twist of personal style. But it depends on what type of job you want.

    I always try to keep my pants and blazer (suit) black and I wear a colorful (jewel green or royal blue) blouse. Very simple neutral makeup and my hair straight and down and away from my face (behind my ears). I wear small earrings and make sure my nails are cut, and clean. If I want to wear nail polish, I wear nude nail polish. I am not a fan of heels, so I wear short boots with a small heel. That’s my go to outfit for interviews.

    Me gusta


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