GYH3: How to write a cover letter?

Hello everyone!

I though writing a series will be a good idea and it is good idea, since it helps people that are currently looking for jobs but I also want to keep writing about other things, therefore I will limit all the current and coming series to two weeks. The next series will be to help students that are currently applying to college and graduate school. I will finish the GYH series this or next week. Therefore, you guys will have all that you need for job application and negotiation faster. I already have new ideas of what I will like to write about for the next weeks. Again, if you will like me to cover a specific topic please let me know.

So for GYH3: is Cover letter!

Things to know about cover letters:

  • It is only one page
  • You need to check for grammar errors
  • It need to be to the point

This is the format that I used for my cover letters. I obviously delete my information and put what I write in each sentence so you can use it as well. I actually always had good luck with my cover letters and people had also commented in a good form when I go for interview in the past.



Dear Ms. /Mr. /Dr.:

Write one sentence to express your interest in the position. You can put your future goals and objective and what do you expect from the position (gaining experience in____).

Tell a little bit about your experience.

One sentence of what techniques you have learn over the years that are important for the work that you are applying.

What you bring to the position_____________________________________. How can your experience be beneficial for the job that you are applying (you can give an example). Reiterate that you are a good fit for the company or position (you can even write that your experience make you a good fit for the position).

Write that you have attached your CV or resume (depends of the job), and that it should provide more information. Also that you can be reach by phone (put your phone here) or by email (put your email here). Always thanks them for the opportunity and that you hope to hear from them.



Your name

Working address (if not working then don’t put your home address)

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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