GYH1: Where do you search for jobs?

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Today I wanted to start the job series with where do you look for jobs and when you should apply to and how many? Sometimes I have noticed even in my field people with already doctoral degrees that doesn’t know where to look into jobs and they limit themselves to just search only using one job engine and that could be a problem. Looking only in one engine will limit yourself and you want maximize any opportunity that you have. Before talking about job engines I want to discuss what will be a good time to start applying to jobs and how many you should apply per day.

When you should apply to jobs?

In my experience, I started applying maybe in April because I was graduating in May and relocating to another state for an internship but I want to find a job absolutely after my internship (August)  with not a huge gab time or within the internship time. I have two interview before my internship one told me that they will take about 4 months to hire the person which will allow me to complete my whole internship if I pass the screening interview and the other wanted to hire me within a week. For the first one, since was in a very top university is similar than when you are applying to a company there are so many people applying and the hiring time will be longer than if you are applying directly with the person that will make the decision. This happen because there is not that much HR interaction and  it will take less time to get decision whether they want to hire you or not.

First of all, if you are moving to another state like I did in the past, I think the best strategy is to apply to jobs at least one or two month before you moved if you are applying to a company. Sometimes those type of jobs have a bunch of applicant and it will take one to two additional months to analyzed applicants and select the ones for interview. Even if you pass the screening it will take one or two months after the interview to have the offer from HR.  If you are not applying to a company and in the job listing they have an email send it an email and say that you are really interested in the job and that you are currently relocating to that area and you want to know how fast they are looking to hire the new person.

How many jobs you should apply?

In terms of applying for jobs, I will say it depends on what type of jobs you’re applying to. I had done a general internship application and I contact directly the person that I want to work with and they interview me and I was hired with only one application, one e-mail and two interviews. Other times I had apply for the same internship and they had contact me really early without the need that I send an email and having only one interview before hiring decision. The most recent time, I applied 3 months later than I usually applied and I had to contact over 65 people to secure my internship.

  • If you are applying to an internship time is  key, the earlier the better

If you are applying to a regular job, I will say you should applied 6-10 per day. On average people applied to 100 or over before finding the right job for them, so don’t get discourage. Yes, you might get a job offer before that 100. I certainly did, I even got a job offer in the interview but I couldn’t took the offer because I still had things pending with my institutions before relocating that took more time that I anticipate it, so I had to continue applying for jobs. This is important: EVEN IF YOU GOT AN INTERVIEW CONTINUE APPLYING! Sorry, I don’t want to scream but is true. I got some interview where I like the boss seems nice but I totally hated the location and I didn’t knew how it will feel beforehand since I was new in that area. I couldn’t see myself working there because I didn’t think the location was as safe, so I decline the offer. You want to apply as many to maximize your options.

Where do you look for jobs?        

In general, you can find job post in newspapers, in the stores that is looking to hire, conference,job fairs, professional organization and networking engines. In the newspaper go to the job page and you will find all the ones that are available. In the store if you see that is hiring enter and ask for more information if you feel that you are not properly dress just ask for information and come another day to give your resume. Conference as well as job fairs required that you are in you’re A game to get an interview. You should be dress business formal or business casual depending in the conference/job fair (I will have a post where I will discuss with you all what or what not wear). What I mean about your A game is that you have to be yourself but stay confident, have your resume in hand, be polite, smile and listen to the questions. This might be a little intimidating if you are introverted or shy person because you are basically competing with the hundreds of people that come to the job fair. You will need to be able to speak when hundreds of people are talking at the same time and be able to communicate with the other person in a coherent way. You can do power possess (like wonder woman, or stand with your arms in the Y position) to gain a little confidence and stimulate the flow of testosterone.You can also find job in a professional organization page and you don’t need to be part of that particular organization to apply, so take advantage of that. The most common use now days are job search engines there are a tons of them but I will mention the popular ones in the US and the most popular in PR. For PR the more common used are manpower, kelly , clasificados and indeed. For USA the more common used are manpower, kelly, indeed, linkedin, simplyhired, monster, linkup.The good thing about simplyhired and indeed is that you can get salary estimation of that job in that location that you are applying. I think indeed is the #1 search engine when you looking for jobs. Good luck in your job search!

simply hired

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