Get yourself noticed in the job market or current position

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk about what are the different ways that can help you get noticed when you are applying to jobs but also things that can help you negotiate salary and move to a higher position within your current job.  By all means I am not a super expert in the topic, but I want to share with you all things that help me in my search and career.


Moving up in the lader (people with current jobs)

  1. Be nice!

Obviously, I don’t have to explain this, a lot people like people that are nice to them. Be humble, you might be in a high position but be nice to all people not just people that are in higher position than you are. Remember: Everything that goes around come back around! That person that has lower position but is nice and do well in his/her job can move faster than you and is suddenly your boss or he move to another company and now he/she is a VP and you don’t have a job anymore, boy you will regret that you were a jerk. For no regrets, be nice. This also apply to people when you go to any interview. You don’t know if the person that you are talking is important or have an impact in a decision to hire you or not.

      2. Do well your job

It is so nice that you have like more than 10 people that you can ask for recommendation and everyone is so please to give it to you, which happens when you do a good job. Be responsible, do your assignment in the time that they request it. If you have time to go an extra mile, do it. You want to be innovative and be able to contribute to your job and come with new ideas, you have to show that you are capable of doing more things.

         3. Networking

Linkedin is an amazing tool of networking. However, Linkedin is not only to add your old peers or friends. Once you add all people that you know and you want to move to another company or sell a product to that company but you don’t know anyone in that company, guess what?! your friends, peers or old mentors might know someone in that company and you can see it in the 2nd and 3rd degree connection and they can introduce you to those people and bang! you now know people in that company.

Other way of networking is go to a job fair or conference. It doesn’t matter you already have a job and you are not planning to move but a place like a conference or this type of settings will allow you to meet people and you can stay connected with them maybe you will need their help in the future or vice versa and this will create a bond if you stay connect with them.


For job applicants

     1. Know your target job

What I mean by this is that you have to have a clear understanding of what is the job that you want. If you are applying to a job in clothing store at the mall you have to give your resume dress with a similar style than the store. They have to picture how you will look with the cloth of the company and if you could sell people your style.

If you are applying to an industry or academia is a little different because you have to send the resume online. Nevertheless, it will not harm you to dress up nice and give your resume also by hand. This will allow them to have a face for that resume and that is better when they are taking a decision regarding to who they should hired. They are less likely to reject a face than reject a paper.

      2. Tailor your resume and cover letter for every job that you are applying

There is not something that ugly that you used a generalized letter for all your job and forget to put the correct name of the company. Remember to put the address of the company/place you are applying on the top and address it to the correct person (you can find this information in the application page).

I don’t say you can’t use a generalized letter. I think you can used it only if you are applying to similar jobs and it will be as a guideline. For instance if you are applying to a company that have more focus in technology, you will put how your technology skills align with the value of the company. If is the same job but this companies value is costumer service put the customer service skills that you have and also how this will benefit the company. This also go align with point number 1 of knowing the company.  

You also have to tailor your resume according to the job that you are applying to, similar to the cover letter showing or mention the skills that you have that are also in the application page (Use that information to help you, for some reason is there).

      3. You are not important the company is important

When you are writing your cover letter remember to show how you can benefit the company and not what you will learn or why is keen that you land this job. Instead add what value you can add to the company and how you have the skills that they need and how that will benefit the company.

      4. Follow up

You already apply for a job, send it an email reiterating why you are the perfect fit for the job and let them know that you submit a resume. Every opportunity you should take it to say why you are the best.

      5. Good, you land an interview, then what?

Now that you have an interview, first of all be yourself, yourself bring you to this point so don’t pretend to be something that you aren’t. Practice common question you can find thousand of these videos online. Some interviews are more intense than others, that doesn’t mean you are doing badly. Before you show to the interview review the company interest, that will help your interview move smoothly. Ask when you should be hearing from them, that will help you not panic except maybe for the week they have to tell you. If the day pass give them a couple days and inquire the status of the application and reiterate your interest in the job.

      6.You land a job but you don’t like too much the starting salary

Everything have a solution! Search how much people with the same position earn and ask for similar or slightly lower salary raise. If you provide that information they can’t say no to your request.

        7.Now that you have a job

Network and be nice! Refer to the top of the page to read more about this.

Hope you like today’s blog, is a little different but I think it was needed. What I can say to you in your search: Stay calm, everything will be alright.


Continue be inspired and inspiring others


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2 respuestas a “Get yourself noticed in the job market or current position

  1. This was great! I have SO MUCH TO ADD to this topic! I think you can make this into a whole series. I think people are so misinformed when it comes to job searching and interviews, and I know because I was one of them. But I will refrain and say these things I’ve learned from my experiences:

    1. A resume (which is one page and does not include all the jobs you ever had) is NOT a curriculum vitae which is for academic purposes or academic jobs.

    2. The verbs you use in a resume and the verb tense are so important! Because corporate recruiters spend about .10 seconds looking at each resume they get. Google verbs for a resume (use a thesaurus and avoid using the same verb twice) and do not use super fancy words that you can’t even pronounce either.

    3. If you want to find a job you should be applying to at least 10 PER DAY. If you’re serious about it and really need the money.

    4.You should include a unique cover letter for each job and tailor the letter to the job you’re applying for. Your resume can more or less stay the same (1 page, modify the experience that fits the job) – but the letter should show you researched the company. Do not talk about yourself or your background – talk about how you can help the company.

    5. In your first interview do not ask about salary/benefits/medical insurance. If they ask you – reflect the question back on them and take it from there. You can talk about it if they open the door, otherwise, leave that door shut for a future interview.

    6. Ask them questions during the interview – remember you’re interviewing them too! A job is a two way relationship. Yes, you may need the paycheck but you’re going to be stuck going to work there for some time. Make sure it’s a environment you’re going to be happy with. I always like asking what the training is going to be like.

    I think that’s all for now!

    Me gusta


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