Creative people are dangerous

Hello everyone!


Today I wanted to talk about how we are starting to lose creativity as we became older. When you are little, people are often correcting you, for example when they see a kid using a coloring book they always tells them how they are not using the right color or not coloring inside the lines. Thanks that not all kids listen to this and that also there are some parents that allow their kids to express themselves. Similar case is when some parents tells their kids that they are not allow to study art, literature, music, etc. because that is just a hobby.

Creative people are people that are determine, curious and work hard. You imagine how the life will be if there were no creative people? You probably will not enjoy the things that you have nowadays like your computer or smartphone, where you are reading this blog.


So why people or parents do that? Actually is not just the parents, is the system as a whole which have loss the focuses of arts, music, literature and other study areas that are also important. Some of the public schools in Puerto Rico education system don’t even have art or music classes if you are lucky there will be one for the years that you are required to complete elementary education for example. Luckily there are some specialized school in arts and other in sciences where you are allow to take more art than others, because they value the power of creativity and know that kids need to re-learn to be creative.

In my opinion, one of the reason the system do that is that creative people are dangerous. How can you stop someone that is so determine to find a solution of a problem and look how to target any given problem from different angles? How can you stop someone that is not afraid to take risk? I believe creative people can jump from social status more quickly than a person that is not. This attitude of risk takers and hard workers will allow them to get the salary raise and the position that they want. Creative people often already have a plan B if what they are doing doesn’t work as they plan or know how to move with flow taking advantage of any given situation. With all that said continue being dangerous in the good way.

Continue be inspired and inspiring others



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