Fighting the sense of feeling stuck

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk on how I had manage those stuck feelings in order to complete a job on a deadline and what strategies I do to get things done. You might ask yourself what that have to be with creativity. For those of you that doesn’t know me, creativity is essential in my classes, hobbies and job. I worked in the science field so you always have to come with new ideas, something that no one have discover before and how to move the research so is not a dead end. My hobbies are art and recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For art, you all know basically everything that you do is create using things that are around you, paint, recyclable, books, etc. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you sometimes are in a position that is not favorable for you and you have to come with ideas to escape as fast as possible to win the fight. In graduate studies especially in science every class is design to make you think as a scientist and be able to solve different problems in related disciplines.

How do I managed complete research or class related work on time?

Honestly, I am a bad person to work stuff huge time early, for that I always have an agenda. What I have noticed that works for me is starting to work or study with a friend early and then review stuff the night before. My style of learning is like teaching so I usually book a classroom and go through the ppt and speak (like I am a crazy person) to empty chairs. If I don’t do that and pretend that I am giving a class it gets difficult to me and be open to ideas and ways to solve a problem. I could start to study early but then I will get stuck, even for study I used a creative method or a crazy one, you choose.

People have different times during the day that help them be more creative or more accessible for information. For me is usually between 1:00-5:00 a.m. and that is why I don’t study a huge time ahead if is not in the form describe before because then I will not have that good of a sleep.

I noticed something that helps me, I always study with noise. However, this doesn’t mean I watch Netflix, Hulu, tv or study in crowded spaces. What it means is yes, I might see tv but the most boring tv show that I will never see otherwise. The best thing at least for  me is to study and read with techno music in high volume. This kind of free my mind and I can think more abroad also give me this momentary confidence that say: Yeah!!!…challenge accepted.

How do I managed complete art work on time?

This now is not of a big problem because I am not taking art classes anymore and I really haven’t go all the way with art and I just have it more as a hobby.

However, when I was taking classes in sculpture I thought it was so hard because he was like: “this is the topic, you will use this and this material and this day you have to present in front of all the people.” I was like OMG! because I didn’t have any experience on this type of art but I am really glad I took it.

For this, I could draw something and I will say to him what do you think about this drawing and if he like it I proceed to make the sculpture. I will not say the execution was always a successful because it wasn’t, but sometimes I could change my initial ideas to adjust to what I initially produced and that is part of being creative, having flexibility. Some other time I started but feel stuck and the deadline was the next day and I didn’t have anything. I just started to make random things and once those were made see how all the little pieces can be combine to have a meaning.

I hope some of these advice help you. I don’t know if it will but remember we all are different, you might like study in silence for instance or with another music. I will like to know what is your prefer way of studying or deal with a deadline. Also, if you try some of this let me know.

Continue to be inspired and inspiring others


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2 respuestas a “Fighting the sense of feeling stuck

  1. Me encanta el talking out loud like a crazy person, a mi tambien me ayuda. Por eso en mi oficina tengo un whiteboard pero I can’t talk out loud por que hay mas gente aqui y no tengo tanta confianza todavia jijij.

    Me gusta

    1. jeje no lo hago cuando hay gente cerca a menos que vaya a estudiar con una persona. Me acuerdo que una vez la conserje entro y miro a ver si habia alguien mas conmigo y al no ver nadie me miro raro. Anyways saque A+ en ese examen eso es lo que importa. lol

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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