Two amazing art app

Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk about two recent app that I downloaded to my tablet.


Homestyler is an app that is perfect for interior designers and people that just got a new apt/home and want to get an idea in how to decorate it. I think it is also a great app for families that are expecting a child and are trying to design their newborn rooms. Here, you can design rooms from 3D 360 angles from the picture gallery or insert a picture of a blank room and add furniture and decoration to see how it looks like. What I like about this app is that it tells you exactly where you can get the piece that you use for your design. However, one thing that you can do because I know this things can be a little expensive is take ideas from the app and go to another store where you can get similar things in a more reasonable price. Another thing that I like is that it allows people to share your design to the community. I think this is great for professionals that are interior designer who can share their work with others and open the possibilities for work and networking.

A decor that I made in Homestyler

2. Autodesk Sketchbook

It is a great app for people that want to know digital design. I haven’t play with it much as I play with Homestyler but I will definitely will try to engage a little bit with this one.

Please, let me know if you try or tried one of this and tell me what your opinion towards them is. In the meantime I will try to play with Autodesk Sketchbook.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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