Inspire yourself to be more creative

Hello everyone!

I have decided to include some of my post from my past blog, one to not repeat them and two so that new readers and subscribers have the opportunity to read it.

Today I want to talk about getting inspired. These are some stuff that I do to feel better and that I noticed that works for me and get me more productive. You can try this 5 tips in one day or during the week to stay relax since in order to be productive you should be relax.

This are 5 tips that works for me.

1.Incorporate something you like during the day a food item, an activity or sport/exercise

I love to drink ayran so in a good day I might incorporate it during the day. If you don’t know what is ayran, is a Turkish beverage that is drink during hot days to get refresh. Is made simply by adding water to the yogurt or kefir to make a milky consistency and add a teaspoon of salt in addition with ice.

2. Have contact with nature!

Play with your mascot, sit in your balcony, observed from the window or go hiking for at least 15 min. Have contact with nature is always good actually it is known that green is the only color that the human eye can rest and it make sense since the majority of the flora have a green color.

3. Drink tea, wine, coffee, grape, plums or any kind of berry juice or eat dark chocolate

Why this is important? These food items are high in tannins antioxidant. When you are in stress you produce a chemically reactive molecules that is call ROS this actually what it does is that if it is produce in large scale make something that is call oxidative stress that cause your body to loose the balance. It is this oxidative stress that makes basically any condition get worst especially cancer progression. The tannins are antioxidant that will act trying to revert this process and that is why they are so important.

4. Meditate

Meditate doesn’t mean do yoga. I actually don’t do it and don’t like it but if is your thing certainly do it. What I mean is exercise to free your mind. I recommend sit in silence in nature for at least 15 min and just experience your surroundings, feel the wind the smell of the rain, threes, flowers and listen to the sound from the animals around you. The technique that I actually used to meditate is just lay in the floor, the bed or ground and just start to lose senses of my muscle and feel the emptiness maybe used the word itself if you can’t lose the sense of your muscle for itself. Once you feel empty use another word that makes you feel peacefully and repeat it a couple time until the word itself invade you and you just feel peace.

5. Prepare your working space

Having a nice working space will allow you to feel relax and will make you want to be there to work.

That is all my 5 tips hope you like it and works for you as much as it work for me.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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