How can art help you in your career?

Hello everyone!

I believe art (theater and sculpture mainly) had help me greatly in my work. During my work I often face challenges, maybe the experiment didn’t end as I wanted or maybe I don’t know how to move forward after the first finding or when I obtain a result that I was not expected.

Theater has taught me very important skills. I am very quiet person and learning theater was hard at the beginning, but our professor gave us some exercise to let our shyness out of the picture. Also, projection exercise was helpful so we can talk in a way that our voice can be heard. These help me to project my voice when I was teaching my classes as well as to give oral presentations in front of a lot of people. This doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous, I do, but I feel more prepare. In our theater class we had to create a total of 3 plays and presented to an audience. We learned how to improvise especially when the other actor forgets their line and it is important for the plot of the story.

In the other hand, sculpture has taught me other transferable skills. When I took sculpture, I thought that we will learn step by step how to actually do a sculpture in wood, stone or other material. This was so far from reality. My professor was great but he didn’t taught you how to do it, he directed you. In that way, you are learning from yourself, abilities that you didn’t even thought you had. The majority of the time he just said this is the material that you all will use in the sculpture and this will be topic. You had to think and see how with this material you can actually convey that topic. For sculpture, I always had to be on point with problem solving and time management in order to finish on a timely fashion but also to be able to see how adding a piece will help the overall result or not. After creating the piece we had to presented to an audience and defend the art and know the meaning of every single small piece of the sculpture. These skills are supeeeer helpful in science and is basically science/research itself. As a person in the science field I have to start an investigation and find all the ways possible that the research can go positive as well as negative. Also, I have to defend my research in this case by reading other supporting studies in order to convey my thinking.

I hope you can integrate art and it is helpful for you as it is for me. I believe all these skills plus creativity can make you a very successful individual in any kind of work that you do.

Continue being inspired and inspiring others


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